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Combined Heat and Power (CHP) technology – often called “cogeneration” – is a game changer for light commercial facilities across North America. 

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Boyertown furnace

With manufacturing facilities in Boyertown, PA, Boyertown Furnace has the most complete line of oil furnaces in the industry, allowing firing from 65,000 BTUs to 400,000 BTUs.

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Sloan hand dryers

Sloan wall-mounted hand dryers

Completely overhauled to be faster, quieter, and more energy efficient.

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Limited Time Offer for Dealers and Wholesalers!

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The upgraded MAGNA3-32 medium size model expands the range of this extremely energy efficient circulator into lighter demand applications! 

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Sloan Soap Dispensers

It’s never been easier to create your unique design vision.

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New from Grundfos!

Find out about the new UP10-16 HWR and the Visa Reward Card promotion.

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