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WMS Sales, Inc.
WMS Sales, Inc.5 days ago
Automatically generate customized project spec documents for mixing valves with Watts #SpecHUB™, our new one-stop project specification tool. ow.ly/2InL102hZ1C

#specificationtool #plumbingspecification #plumbingengineer #plumbing #projectspecification
WMS Sales, Inc.
WMS Sales, Inc.2 weeks ago
Add hand washing stations anywhere with the Wash-N-Go! Hand Washing Station! The Indoor Wash-N-Go! is designed for retrofit applications and features a universal mounting bracket to seamlessly replace any existing water fountain. The outdoor Wash-N-Go! can be specified as a hand wash station alone or in combination with water fountain, bottle filler, and even pet fountain. Find out more at: https://www.murdockmfg.com/wash-n-go-indoor-and-outdoor-hand-washing-stations #wmssales #murdock #washngo #handwashing #reopen
WMS Sales, Inc.
WMS Sales, Inc.4 weeks ago
Convert your manual flushometers to touch-free operation in as little as a few minutes with Sloan Retrofit Kits! Find out more at www.sloan.com/retrofits #wmssales #sloan #flushometers #retrofit #retrofitflushometers