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WMS Sales, Inc.
WMS Sales, Inc.5 days ago
Wondering what the big deal is with STRIEM’s new point-of-use side-access solid interceptor? Watch Gabe explain the Sidekick in less than 2 minutes! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kZAgDAPYx3I
#wmssales #striem #sidekick
WMS Sales, Inc.
WMS Sales, Inc.2 weeks ago
In recognition of National Engineer Week, we invite you to discover more than 15 Free ASPE Accredited CEU courses available on Watts Works Online! http://ow.ly/JOqr50DEJKr

#NationalEngineerWeek #ASPECEU #WattsWorks #plumbingengineer
WMS Sales, Inc.
WMS Sales, Inc.2 weeks ago
Coronavirus relief funding is available for facilities upgrading to touch-free restroom fixtures. Learn more at: https://www.sloan.com/resources/education/coronavirus-relief-funding
#wmssales #sloan #coronavirusrelieffunding