We are pleased to announce the availability of Sloan’s Bio-Deck sink line.

Sloan Valve Company’s new Bio-Deck Sinks in the SloanStone® lavatory family are sustainably built and operated. The Bio-Deck Sinks are made from ground-up corn cobs or other bio-based materials instead of the petroleum-based material that is typically used in solid-surface systems. Plus, lavatories coordinate with Sloan water- efficient, sensor-activated faucets using as little as 0.5 gallons per minute for substantial water savings.

The Bio-Deck Sinks come with an Undermount porcelain bowl. The new single- and double-station Bio-Deck models are rugged and vandal-resistant. Choose from numerous decorative finish options.

The Bio-Deck Sinks offer a sustainable, bio-material lavatory solution for any commercial or institutional restroom. The Bio-Deck Sinks are suitable for any restroom, but are particularly ideal for places that want to outwardly promote efforts to save the environment, such as colleges, hotels, restaurants and office buildings.

Lavatories are available with a selection of Sloan’s battery-powered, solar-powered or hardwired Optima® sensor-activated, deck-mount faucets. Sensor-activated soap dispensers or faucet/soap dispenser combinations may also be ordered.