What's New

Arctic Armor

New training video for Mill-Rose's Arctic Armor!

Check out a new live action video demonstrating Arctic Armor!

Sloan CuVerro

New Germ-Killing CuVerro® Flushometer Handles!

Made with CuVerro® Antimicrobial Copper, this unique class of copper works continuously to kill 99.9% of bacteria.


Introducing Sloan BASYS!

A bold step for build-your-own. Sleek and modern with interchangeable components. The ultimate versatility to meet the needs of any application or environment—from aesthetics to sensor type and flow rate.

Neo Metro

Introducing Neo-Metro!

Neo-Metro designs, engineers and manufactures luxury plumbing products intended for commercial, hospitality and residential applications.  

Visit neo-metro.com to see more information.

Watts Works

Training on the GO!

Stay ahead of the competition - learn about Watts products anytime, anywhere! From automatic control valves to water quality, Watts eLearning courses are designed to fit your busy schedule.

  • Self-paced courses <10 minutes
  • On demand from any device

Register now at training.watts.com


Introducing Striem, suppliers of Oil Separators, Solids Interceptors and Chemical Waste Tanks

Check out their easy to use website: Striem Home page.

Schier Grease Interceptors

Schier believes that grease interceptors should not only be ridiculously efficient but they should also last a long time.

Introducing Safety Star

Providing access for routine maintenance like pumping and inspection, while keeping the man-way closed to accidental entry.

Get additional info on the Schier Home page.